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We at Red Rock Minerals are committed to serving Oklahoma mineral owners with respect and discretion.


Our vision is simple; to become the most trusted and reliable mineral partner in the state of Oklahoma.





Oklahoma Counties - Blaine, Canadian, Dewey, Garfield, Kingfisher, and Major

About Us

When knowledge, experience and resources work together to reach a common goal,
then you have a partnership that works.

Red Rock Minerals is comprised of an acquisitions team committed to building relationships that generate successful results. Our team has years of knowledge and experience coupled with our clear understanding of the process. We have developed an ability for determining accurate mineral interest evaluations which allows us to secure well founded transactions.
Our approach to partnerships has built us a respected reputation in the industry.


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  • 1. How do you calculate my offer price?

    Offer prices are calculated based on factors such as whether the land is currently under lease; if leased, lease status, lease royalty, term remaining on lease and any depth restrictions; and other factors such as production activity in the area and current market trends.

  • 2. How long does the evaluation process take?

    The evaluation process is generally based upon the complexity of each deal which can take as little as one day, but usually no longer than seven days. The agent assisting you will give a clear idea on time frame for your evaluation.

  • 3. Can I sell a portion of my minerals?

    Yes, selling a portion of your minerals gives you the option to receive cash now while eliminating long term risk on market driven royalty payments. The amount of minerals you wish to sell or keep will reflect your comfort level and needs.

  • 4. If my minerals are already held by production (HBP) from an existing oil or gas well, can I still sell my minerals?

    Yes, Red Rock Minerals is interested in acquiring producing and non-producing minerals. The benefit to selling HBP interest is to provide an opportunity to receive a lump sum payment within weeks versus a smaller monthly royalty payment that can be directly impacted by market trends.

  • 5. I’ve decided to sell all, or a portion of my minerals, now what?

    Once negotiations are completed, the due diligence process will begin. Due diligence is a process of running full abstract title which will include a thorough review of your mineral ownership. When ownership has proven itself, a Mineral Deed will be executed in exchange for the full consideration negotiated.

  • 6. How long will it take to get my payment from the signing of an Option Agreement?

    Red Rock Minerals will allow 30-45 Calendar days for due diligence prior to payment. This is a standard term set in place for consistency, but can vary slightly due to ease or difficulty of title examination.

  • 7. Can I sell my mineral interest if I have a mortgage on my property?

    In most circumstance, yes, however, each situation may be dependent on the bank or lienholder that is currently in control of the mortgage. An agent can better explain this process.

  • 8. Will I have to cover any costs throughout the acquisition process?

    No, all direct costs from beginning of negotiations to final payment are handled by Red Rock Minerals.


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